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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dog Diseases

Your dog might be in danger
When we see dogs are playing with the children, sleeping together, eat on the same table, sometime we forget they are pets. As the number of dog owner increasing some other concerns are also taking place currently. Dog health concern is one of them. Many dog owners have little or no idea about dog diseases or symptoms. Having a good knowledge on dog’s diseases is very much important for owners as the pets are treated as a family member today.

Dogs might suffer various kinds of diseases. At different ages they experience different diseases. We should have knowledge on those diseases so we can take precautions in the right time.

Dental disease is one of the most common these days. Acidic foods are the probable reason for this disease. Sometime it causes specific infection and it may spread oral mucous. In the initial stage Antibiotics need to be given.

Scooting is another disease which is very common today. It’s an anal sac disease. Flea bite allergies often cause this disease. In case of scooting dogs need to treat in time.

Urine incontinence is another common dog disease. Sometime owners get confused by seeing over urine. Symptom of urine incontinence is different. Abnormalities of brain, spinal cord controlling bladder function cause dogs unable to pass urine. Proper treatment is essential in the initial stage of this
dog disease.

Among the disease dog vomiting is most common. Dogs can vomit without any cause. When foods are not effectively move to stomach can cause vomiting. Food poisoning may be another cause. But it’s not a serious disease for dogs. Initial treatment can provide in the home. Dog should not allow any food for six hours without vomiting.

Dog might affect various kinds of diseases. So the owners should have known the symptoms and take the necessary action. Bad Dog Food is the main cause of Dog Diseases.

Learn how to prepare best dog food for your dog and protect your dog from harmful diseases.

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