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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dog Food Secrets Review

Recently I have gone through the professional thoughts of Andrew Lewis as summarized in Dog Food Secrets. I have a dog and I personally feel that my pet is one of my family members and sudden death of the pet is really hard to digest. We all care our dogs and regularly take the pet to doctors and for walk etc., but at the same time we rarely think about its food. The commercial dog food, which we offer to our pets, contains lots of harmful chemicals including pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals, herbicides, etc. These chemicals have been banned from human foods for various reasons including the damage caused by these on our vital organs.

The next and most important thing we should remember that whatever commercial food is offered to our dog, it is not fully balanced. Many dog experts believe that the commercial food contains insufficient quantities of essential minerals and vitamins. Therefore the commercial food offered to dog is not a complete food and if it will continuously fed to the dog, the lifespan of the dog will reduce significantly.

The next and most important question before all of us are that what we can do to save our dogs and the answer lie in e-book "Dog Food Secrets". I have gone through the views of Andrew Lewis and I found that the information on different food items that can be offered to our pet in place of commercial dog food could even be easily cooked at our home.

If you are looking for Homemade Dog Food Recipes, there are important diet and nutritional requirements of dogs. As the nutritional requirements of dogs are different than human beings, it is necessary to have the dog’s food recipe so that you can cook a well balanced diet for your lovely pet. There are many recipes of dog’s food diet and depending on your choice you can offer variety of foods to your pet.

Everyone who has pets will be willing to enhance the healthy lifespan of their pet and Internet provides the necessary information required. So, if you are looking for dog food secrets, don’t worry e-book Dog Food Secrets provides many nutritionally balanced and healthy recipes that you can make in your house and can offer to your dog.

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