Friday, September 5, 2008

Raw Dog Food Recipes

This article will take a different format from the way other articles flow,it will try to highlight the things many of us don't know about our dogs,and the way they should be feed.

Is your dog undernourished or underfeed? Are you finding it difficult to pin down what the problem of your dog is? Then this article may / should be your guide. I have made a note of the major things your dog will need for her recipe as dog food recipes are what a dog lover will always want to cash in on, for the dogs will look the better for it in the long run.

Additionally an underfed,undernourished dog have the kind of effect to touch the hairs on the body looks to falling out at grooming, while it hangs the head heavily as it moves around.The tail is left looking as it is about to fell off.

But do you know you can correct all these with the proper and right food combination for your dog, and simply feeding her on raw dog food recipes that will bring out that will bring out the dog in them. Now I am not saying this recipe is the best but it is a pointer to how to go about it for those that find it difficult to do things as easy as boiling water.

Beef, Chicken,Chicken breast,Turkey Meat supplements enriched with soft bones is another raw food that your dog will love to take on, feed them with Fish at least once a week but please avoid Tuna fish as it has the potential of damaging the brain.
Try these raw dog food recipes. They might just be the tonic your dog needs to but back that garrrrrrrrrrrrrr on the face of your dog .Good luck.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Healthy Homemade Dog Food

If you love cooking, then cooking for your dog will be a great fun for you and your dog always look forward to meal times especially if you give her favorite meal.Your home made dog food recipes should be your delight to give to your dog,for they serve as a great alternative to commercial pet food that you buy from stores around the neighborhood.

Here is a healthy dog food recipe that your dog will find really interesting to munch at meal time.You will need to follow.
(please note that you graduate the portions according to your dogs age and size).

1. Boneless chicken breast,plain brown rice, peas.
2. Cook the chicken and keep the oil fat from it , at least a teaspoon.
3. Cook the brown rice, cook also the Peas. Now bring the rice,chicken to boil separately and then blend rice and chicken in a blender.

4. After that, add peas and stir don't blend, either you mix or stir together. Add the fat from the cooked chicken and serve your dog Luke warm,making sure that it is not too hot or too cold.

One point to note is that the it should be fresh and when cooked in small chops.

No matter how your dog is, giving her a healthy dose of dog food recipes will in no small measure put a constant smile on her face the moment it is munching time,for been you best companion she will hang in there for you to finish before wagging all day long anytime she sees you and you on your part will be happy because you can cook for your dog.

Additionally make sure you constantly make this dog food recipe the weekly recipe for your dog. She will never disappoint you in your hour of need.Dogs like rice, chicken and a mix of vegges in there meals.Go out there and cook for your dog and see her grow strong and healthy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What is the best dog food?

Owning a dog is much easier than taking care of him. Most of the owners wonder what to feed to their dogs. Pet health concern is a major issue for the owners.

Naturally dogs are fond of meats. To ensure perfect growth, dogs require fiber and other nutrition’s beside meat in their diet. Also at different phase of their life cycle dogs require various kind of food. Like puppies, parent dogs and active dogs have different food requirements. The food ingredients should have a proper mixture of vitamins and protein. Homemade dog food is very effective for dog’s health as the owner have more control in providing the required ingredients. Homemade dog food is much more delicious than commercial foods. Also it saves money for the owners.

Raw foods can be perfect for dog’s growth. Raw meaty bones, recreational bones, vegetable, offal, eggs, cottage cheese can provide the necessary vitamin and protein for dogs. Homemade dog’s foods are much more reliable as it has been tried for centuries.

The busy work schedule of many people forces them to depend on commercial foods for dogs. It is important to ensure a good quality commercial food for their dogs. Many outside foods don’t have the proper mix of vitamins and proteins in the food. Turkey meal, lamb meal or chicken meal is most important ingredient to look. Foods that contain grain and preservative should be avoided for dog’s diet. Dog’s get bored of outside food because lack of variation and taste. Also commercial food increases the chance of allergies, dyspepsia and other health diseases. Although commercial food companies claim they are providing the necessary vitamin and protein in their foods but many experts have seen some disadvantages of outside foods.

Dog’s are no longer just a pet. They are getting almost same care as the member of a family. So ensuring proper diet is important for the dogs. Dog Food Secrets is a guide which explains preparing 35+ dog food recipes, you can prepare at home and make your dog happy and healthy like a child.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Make Your Own Dog Food

Yearly we read about dog foods been recalled from the stalls,and going for rechecking from the food authority ,and our dogs are not the better for it. All the recalls and deaths has lead to a wide cry from dog lovers every where and this has caused them to look inward and looking inward,many found the alternative to commercially prepared dog food as home made dog food which they prepare themselves without much stress.

We have prepared our own list ,yes that is our own list but you can improve on the list to suite your dog and of course your own pocket ,the determining factor in everything concerning your dog.

  • Good old brown rice is very good for your dog,it has a rich blend of Carbon hydrate that will give your dog the added energy she needs to move around daily.
  • Yeast is equally good to your dogs home made food,but not all yeast is good for your dog ,get Brewers yeast they are all over the place,but mostly at grocery stores near you.
  • Your dog food recipe is not complete if it lacks flour,get either Corn,Soy,and Whole wheat to mix your dog meal with and they will love you.
  • Cod liver oil is also good for your dog ,a little bit of cod liver in your dogs meal will make it well balanced to both taste and nourishing.
  • A little garlic is good for your recipe ,it helps fight worms , fleas and little infections.
  • Liver, Beef , Lamb ,Chicken and a little Tuna to blend with all of the above along with bone supplements that you can get from stores,will help your dog get the type of growth you desire.

Additionally Vegetables, such as Carrot , spinach ,and broccoli in little quantity is very good for your dog,but you must grind them to make them digest more quick.Peanut butter and biscuits are good dog food recipe additions for your dog.

In all you must try and attain a certain percentage of both Carbon hydrate (75%) and meat (25%).

Note : Don't Forget to Read our Review of Andrew Lewis's Famous Book : Dog Food Secrets

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

Your dog like you needs good living treats that will help her grow mature and full of energy. A healthy dog food recipe treat will be well welcomed by your dog ,so work out a treat that will both save you money and energy. The Dog Owners will always go to the store to find labeled dog food treats ,but most of these dog food recipes have been proved to be dangerous for your dogs consumption.

Moreover knowing the content of most of the dog food recipes treat will suprise you.Many of the commercial producers of dog food recipes treats use dead dog meat to produce tons of canned dog food and this singular act is dangerous to your dogs for dogs have not been known to eat dogs,no matter the situation that dog is in.

Another major health concern is the use of Melamine, commonly used for the productio of plastics and fertilizers,this has been found to make dogs sick and eventually die off from the sickness caused by eating the chemical..But how can you know the kind of treat to give your dog ?

Many dont know that they can take the time out to prepare there own safe dog food recipes without fear that there dog will get sick and it will even be cost effective for them to do and prepare.Peanut butter dog treatis one you can very easily get done in the comfort of your home without fear of your dog getting sick.

Moreover you have a wide range of trreats to work out with,you just have to devote the time and energy to get the kind of blend you want your dog food recipes treat to look like,but make sure they are treats that will make your dog to be full of energy and life then your dog will be happier for it.

Additionally be mindful that you have to control the kind of treats you feed your dog so as not to be obese, and know your dogs health condition before you embark.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look after your dog as a child

Continuous physical examination is very much essential for dog’s health. Many people overlooked it. This is a process which allows us to identify dog diseases in the initial stages and take proper action to solve it. If any sign of illness is shown in dog, we should not wait for the regular check up rather provide the vaccination immediately. Before purchase of a puppy it’s important to consult an animal care specialist and try to understand find out the schedules to be maintained for the examination of the dog. This is a useful technique in solving many health related problem in the future.

Feed the dog proper food is not enough, taking good health care is also important. Home dental care is becoming very important these days as the dental diseases increase to a large extent. Dog should not provide any food that causes dental diseases. Bone materials with sharp points sometime cause problem for dogs.

Once any disease is found, nursing is very important step that dog owner need to realize. During illness dogs need special care. Like after meditation they should kept in the quiet place and should not be disturbed. Dog owners must have patience and should realize it’s an art.

Give medicine to dog be not an easy job. Very often dogs are found out the water or food that contains medicine. So the job of the owner is getting difficult some time. At some extent they need to force the dog to take medicine. Especially when they try to give the medicine by mouth. Owners need to delay the feeding time of the dog. When the dog is very hungry with the normal food some medicine can be provided. Dog might not notice that and eat it.

Taking care of a dog is not different from raising a child. But animal lovers all around the world have happily accepted this burden to give their pet’s better life.

You might not be knowing that most of the dog diseases are due to bad dog food. Prepare the best healthy dog food recipe for your dog. Dog Food Secrets is a guide that explains the dog food recipes with pictures.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dog Diseases

Your dog might be in danger
When we see dogs are playing with the children, sleeping together, eat on the same table, sometime we forget they are pets. As the number of dog owner increasing some other concerns are also taking place currently. Dog health concern is one of them. Many dog owners have little or no idea about dog diseases or symptoms. Having a good knowledge on dog’s diseases is very much important for owners as the pets are treated as a family member today.

Dogs might suffer various kinds of diseases. At different ages they experience different diseases. We should have knowledge on those diseases so we can take precautions in the right time.

Dental disease is one of the most common these days. Acidic foods are the probable reason for this disease. Sometime it causes specific infection and it may spread oral mucous. In the initial stage Antibiotics need to be given.

Scooting is another disease which is very common today. It’s an anal sac disease. Flea bite allergies often cause this disease. In case of scooting dogs need to treat in time.

Urine incontinence is another common dog disease. Sometime owners get confused by seeing over urine. Symptom of urine incontinence is different. Abnormalities of brain, spinal cord controlling bladder function cause dogs unable to pass urine. Proper treatment is essential in the initial stage of this
dog disease.

Among the disease dog vomiting is most common. Dogs can vomit without any cause. When foods are not effectively move to stomach can cause vomiting. Food poisoning may be another cause. But it’s not a serious disease for dogs. Initial treatment can provide in the home. Dog should not allow any food for six hours without vomiting.

Dog might affect various kinds of diseases. So the owners should have known the symptoms and take the necessary action. Bad Dog Food is the main cause of Dog Diseases.

Learn how to prepare best dog food for your dog and protect your dog from harmful diseases.