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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love my dog

Dogs are lovable, loyal house pets. They became the great companion for many people these days. Dogs provide both the security and love. Compare to other pets, dogs are more superior by far.

Dogs are not simply a pet that doing nothing. They help human beings in many ways. They drive the livestock’s and protect it, they help the copes to find criminals and other property, search airport bags for bomb and other illegal drugs, they work as a guard to save the family and their valuable belongings. For many disable people dogs are considered as a best friend because dogs have done many of their jobs. Running fond people enjoy a great company with dog. They entertain the humans in many ways. They play important part in the movies. In fact many people pass their leisure time with dogs.

Many people love to take their dog while shopping, hotels, to a trip or sometimes overseas with them. For many people dogs became an integral part. Acceptance of dogs also increased. Many places allow dogs these days. Especially the lap dogs. Owners spend more time with dogs and create a very strong bond with them. So they love to carry out the dog where ever they go.

Children have a very enjoyable time with dogs. Puppies are the most popular among children. Many kids find dogs as their playing partner. Sometime they sleep with the dog. All these factors induced the parents to have a dog in their home. People are not surprising to see a dog in the family photo now a day.

Dogs are fast learner than any other animal. They can be easily trained. Dogs can perform many of the household chores. With their loyalty, usefulness and friendliness they have become a vital part of our life.

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