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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look after your dog as a child

Continuous physical examination is very much essential for dog’s health. Many people overlooked it. This is a process which allows us to identify dog diseases in the initial stages and take proper action to solve it. If any sign of illness is shown in dog, we should not wait for the regular check up rather provide the vaccination immediately. Before purchase of a puppy it’s important to consult an animal care specialist and try to understand find out the schedules to be maintained for the examination of the dog. This is a useful technique in solving many health related problem in the future.

Feed the dog proper food is not enough, taking good health care is also important. Home dental care is becoming very important these days as the dental diseases increase to a large extent. Dog should not provide any food that causes dental diseases. Bone materials with sharp points sometime cause problem for dogs.

Once any disease is found, nursing is very important step that dog owner need to realize. During illness dogs need special care. Like after meditation they should kept in the quiet place and should not be disturbed. Dog owners must have patience and should realize it’s an art.

Give medicine to dog be not an easy job. Very often dogs are found out the water or food that contains medicine. So the job of the owner is getting difficult some time. At some extent they need to force the dog to take medicine. Especially when they try to give the medicine by mouth. Owners need to delay the feeding time of the dog. When the dog is very hungry with the normal food some medicine can be provided. Dog might not notice that and eat it.

Taking care of a dog is not different from raising a child. But animal lovers all around the world have happily accepted this burden to give their pet’s better life.

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