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Sunday, August 17, 2008

What is the best dog food?

Owning a dog is much easier than taking care of him. Most of the owners wonder what to feed to their dogs. Pet health concern is a major issue for the owners.

Naturally dogs are fond of meats. To ensure perfect growth, dogs require fiber and other nutrition’s beside meat in their diet. Also at different phase of their life cycle dogs require various kind of food. Like puppies, parent dogs and active dogs have different food requirements. The food ingredients should have a proper mixture of vitamins and protein. Homemade dog food is very effective for dog’s health as the owner have more control in providing the required ingredients. Homemade dog food is much more delicious than commercial foods. Also it saves money for the owners.

Raw foods can be perfect for dog’s growth. Raw meaty bones, recreational bones, vegetable, offal, eggs, cottage cheese can provide the necessary vitamin and protein for dogs. Homemade dog’s foods are much more reliable as it has been tried for centuries.

The busy work schedule of many people forces them to depend on commercial foods for dogs. It is important to ensure a good quality commercial food for their dogs. Many outside foods don’t have the proper mix of vitamins and proteins in the food. Turkey meal, lamb meal or chicken meal is most important ingredient to look. Foods that contain grain and preservative should be avoided for dog’s diet. Dog’s get bored of outside food because lack of variation and taste. Also commercial food increases the chance of allergies, dyspepsia and other health diseases. Although commercial food companies claim they are providing the necessary vitamin and protein in their foods but many experts have seen some disadvantages of outside foods.

Dog’s are no longer just a pet. They are getting almost same care as the member of a family. So ensuring proper diet is important for the dogs. Dog Food Secrets is a guide which explains preparing 35+ dog food recipes, you can prepare at home and make your dog happy and healthy like a child.

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