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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Healthy Homemade Dog Food

If you love cooking, then cooking for your dog will be a great fun for you and your dog always look forward to meal times especially if you give her favorite meal.Your home made dog food recipes should be your delight to give to your dog,for they serve as a great alternative to commercial pet food that you buy from stores around the neighborhood.

Here is a healthy dog food recipe that your dog will find really interesting to munch at meal time.You will need to follow.
(please note that you graduate the portions according to your dogs age and size).

1. Boneless chicken breast,plain brown rice, peas.
2. Cook the chicken and keep the oil fat from it , at least a teaspoon.
3. Cook the brown rice, cook also the Peas. Now bring the rice,chicken to boil separately and then blend rice and chicken in a blender.

4. After that, add peas and stir don't blend, either you mix or stir together. Add the fat from the cooked chicken and serve your dog Luke warm,making sure that it is not too hot or too cold.

One point to note is that the it should be fresh and when cooked in small chops.

No matter how your dog is, giving her a healthy dose of dog food recipes will in no small measure put a constant smile on her face the moment it is munching time,for been you best companion she will hang in there for you to finish before wagging all day long anytime she sees you and you on your part will be happy because you can cook for your dog.

Additionally make sure you constantly make this dog food recipe the weekly recipe for your dog. She will never disappoint you in your hour of need.Dogs like rice, chicken and a mix of vegges in there meals.Go out there and cook for your dog and see her grow strong and healthy.

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