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Monday, August 11, 2008

Make Your Own Dog Food

Yearly we read about dog foods been recalled from the stalls,and going for rechecking from the food authority ,and our dogs are not the better for it. All the recalls and deaths has lead to a wide cry from dog lovers every where and this has caused them to look inward and looking inward,many found the alternative to commercially prepared dog food as home made dog food which they prepare themselves without much stress.

We have prepared our own list ,yes that is our own list but you can improve on the list to suite your dog and of course your own pocket ,the determining factor in everything concerning your dog.

  • Good old brown rice is very good for your dog,it has a rich blend of Carbon hydrate that will give your dog the added energy she needs to move around daily.
  • Yeast is equally good to your dogs home made food,but not all yeast is good for your dog ,get Brewers yeast they are all over the place,but mostly at grocery stores near you.
  • Your dog food recipe is not complete if it lacks flour,get either Corn,Soy,and Whole wheat to mix your dog meal with and they will love you.
  • Cod liver oil is also good for your dog ,a little bit of cod liver in your dogs meal will make it well balanced to both taste and nourishing.
  • A little garlic is good for your recipe ,it helps fight worms , fleas and little infections.
  • Liver, Beef , Lamb ,Chicken and a little Tuna to blend with all of the above along with bone supplements that you can get from stores,will help your dog get the type of growth you desire.

Additionally Vegetables, such as Carrot , spinach ,and broccoli in little quantity is very good for your dog,but you must grind them to make them digest more quick.Peanut butter and biscuits are good dog food recipe additions for your dog.

In all you must try and attain a certain percentage of both Carbon hydrate (75%) and meat (25%).

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